Last night, I decided to do a polish change. I don’t always put polish on my finger nails because I work with my hands a lot. However, I thought I would try something different.

I used Rimmel London, Steel Grey (270). This brand of polish is actually pretty great because for one, the price is not bad at all and two, it’s pretty durable and chip resistant. I also have this brand in a midnight blue color. Anyways, the brush itself is actually a great feature too, because it’s pretty wide. With my fingers, one swipe in the middle covers my whole nail (except for my thumb, it requires two swipes). The picture shows two coats - even with one coat, the coverage is actually pretty good. The color (Steel Grey) is such a classy and versatile color. I definitely feel comfortable with this color on because it’s very subtle. I bought this polish at Longs (CVS), but I’m sure you can find it in most drug stores. The price is also under $8.00!  

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